It’s BOOTIES season and we can’t keep CALM!

Here is a guide to unique booties for you to make your winter styling up to the minute.

Do you love an outfit with a fashionable pair of short booties but don’t want to look like a part of the crowd? We know it can be frustrating to limit your choices to the ordinary which is why we are here to help you get out of your comfort zone and expand your personal styling with a pair of unique booties.

Before you get to shopping for the perfect pair of booties for you, lets discuss the different options available to narrow down your search for what’s best aligned for you. With this year coming to an end, we recommend you few unique styles for your perfect outfit inspiration.

  1. Heeled Oxfords

Simply put, these are booties with closed lacing, meaning shoelace eyelets are attached to the vamp but not visible by the throat of the bootie. Traditionally, oxford’s were men’s dress shoes but they have evolved into several forms , one of them being women’s heels in the form of booties.











Price – $26.48- $36.99 

  • PU Leather
  • 100% vegan
  • Rubber sole

  1. Chukka Booties

Chukka booties are ankle-high leather or suede boots with thin laces and 2-3 eyelets. The unique name is believed to have arisen from British Polo players living in the colonial India who called a period in the game of polo ‘chukka’ or ‘chukker’.  The special thing about these is they can pe paired with almost everything, from khaki’s to suits and from chinos to denims.










Price– $19.36 – $40.09

  • Non-skid sole
  • Slip-on style, Easy ON/OFF

  1. Desert Booties

While many use the terms ‘chukka’ and ‘desert’ booties interchangeably, it is worth clearing up a quibble of the fashion nomenclature. These are a specific kind of chukka boots. In other words, all desert booties are chukka’s but all chukka’s might not necessarily be desert booties. This variation arose during the World War II when chukka’s didn’t do an adequate job keeping the sand out of the British soldiers boots, which led to crafting them with a soft thick rubber sole making it more functional and casual looking.









Price – $58.04 – $330.91

  • Imported
  • Crepe sole

  1. Sneaker Booties

Often credited to Kanye West for making them cool again, we went one step ahead and made it available for women as well. These are the latest shoe-hybrid that is bringing some life back to the boot category. The top part looks like a hiking boot with the comfort of a sneaker. We recommend it to all the millennials, who hate to give up their sneakers in the winter season.











Price– $36.99- $41.99

  • Anti-skip rubber sole
  • Wedge sneaker with a height of 3’1”
  • Twist on chic and sporty

  1. Combat Booties

If you’re looking for tough and durable footwear, combat booties are a wardrobe staple. Aside from aesthetic, they provide durability, comfort of soft padding around the ankles and strong rubber soles with grippy tread patterns for plenty of traction. Made of high-quality materials, also water repellent, these unique booties have been low-key dominating footwear.












Price– $38.99- $39.99

  • Waterproof PU leather vamp
  • Synthetic sole
  • Solid PVC sole

  1. Chelsea Booties

These are close fitted, ankle high boots with an elastic side panel which are quite popular with hikers, tradesmen and horse riders. These date back to the Victorian Era when these were worn by men and women both and are still popular for their versatility to pair up with casuals as well as formals.












Price- $26.99

  • Classic Chelsea Rain Boots
  • Waterproof
  • Easy pull on style
  • Comfort insole

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