Snow booties are a necessary investment for those who live in frigid zones with high snowfall. This does not mean you cannot style them with different outfits. Although they are not the most fashionable option for winters, they can enhance your overall look if you know how to style them.


There are plenty of options in snow boots to choose from. Snow boots are different from winter boots, because they are specially designed to prevent your feet from the snow. They have extra layers of rubber or insulation in comparison to the winter boots. Thus, based on the occasion, the kind of outfits you like to wear, and purpose you wish to fulfill with your snow boots, you can pick the most suitable pair from the list below.

Mini Bailey Blow

maini bailey boots

Price- $154.95 

Mini Bailey Bow is perfect for your regular winter outfits. They look cute and stylish with a suede finish with shearling linings. Available in prominent boot colors such as tan, grey, black, and more, they keep your feet warm; withal, repel moisture, water, and stains. They are lightweight, durable, flexible, and comfortable pairs of snow boots made from pre-treated sheepskin.

Snow Sneaker Booties

snow sneaker booties

Price- $22.99-$24.99

Snow Sneakers are a versatile pair of booties to don with jeans, overalls, and dresses. You can wear them to run errands or for casual events. They are clearly designed for a variety of sartorial winter looks. Snow Sneakers are available in a range of colors. They are warm and weatherproof, provide strong grip and comfort while keeping feet dry. Lined with fur or fleece on the inside, you can style with most of your winter ensembles.

Moon Booties

moon booties

Price- $149.99

The moon boot is a type of snow boot inspired by the design and technology of astronauts’ boots. They are constructed with a rubber outsole and midsole and lined with synthetic fabrics and lightweight, puffy insulation foam. They appear bulky and the shaft comes up to the lower calf. Ideal for skiing and other snow activities, moon boots are warm, cozy, and fun to style without restricting your movement in the snow.

Ice Maiden Snow Booties

ice maiden snow booties

Price- $69.95-$177.31

Ice Maiden snow boots are another versatile pair to enhance your winter clothing. They are designed to offer maximum traction in the snow. Ice Maiden snow boots can withstand temperatures as low as -25 degrees using a specialized insulation. They have a suede overlay combined with waterproof synthetic textile upper membrane. Ideal for long winter walks or work wear.

Cozy Fleece Booties

cosy fleece booties

Price- $10-$25

Fleece booties are warm in winters. They allow room for your toes to spread without feeling constrained. Made of soft faux fleece, this pair keeps your feet warm and PVC traction prevents slipping. Cozy fleece booties can be paired with socks. They come with a high top and folded down to ankles for maximum insulation.

Combat Snow Booties

combat snow booties

Price- $34.99-$37.99

Combat snow booties are a classic display of your overall winter looks without compromising with the cold weather. They are usually made of leather with shearling upper, textile and shearling synthetic sole. Done in lace up style, they make for a timeless classic pair of combat boots ready for winter fashion. They have waterproof upper and insulation to combat cold.

Chelsea Booties

chelsea snow booties

Price- $26.99

Chelsea boots are ideal for light rain or snow. Whether you are getting ready for business meetings or casual hangouts in denim, Chelsea booties are game. They are easy to slip on and functional too when you want something close to sneakers, but comfortable and warm enough for light snow. They do not offer superior traction though, but upper, leather can make it waterproof for moisture.

Warm Ankle- Boots

warm ankle booties

Price- $49.99

Warm ankle boots never go out of style for winter dressing. They are made with lightweight insulating material for inside to keep you warm and comfortable. However, the upper or sole part is designed in waterproof material to keep your feet dry and offer good traction. Short boots are ideal for styling and regular walks, but for trekking you must go for long calf length warm boots.


Snow boots help you survive the harsh conditions of colder regions. They offer two major advantages over your regular winter boots.

  • First, they are specially designed to allow higher traction over slippery surfaces.
  • Second, their main function is to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Thus, insulation material used in snow booties is highly specialized to withstand extreme cold.

How to Pair It Up with Outfits?

You can pair snow booties with almost everything from faded jeans and hoodies to flowy dresses, and athleisure wear.

Snow Sneakers and warm ankle boots are fairly similar in their approach to provide warmth without compromising with the availability of styling options for winter. You can wear them with hoodies, denims, body con dresses and open jackets.

However, Moon boots, Ice Maiden, and Mini Bailey Bow are great for outdoor events or snow sports. They can be paired with overalls, denims, and trench coats with shearling.

Nevertheless, Cozy fleece booties go well with your pyjamas and indoor party dresses or holiday outfits.

How is it different from Regular Booties?

Snow boots are different from your ordinary ankle boots or other winter boots in many ways. But, a few highlights are enough to explain what makes snow booties different from others.

They are designed for wet or snowy conditions or heavy snow activities such as trekking, whereas other winter boots are good for well maintained surfaces and walking or shopping.

Snow boots are made of easy and quick cleaning material that can repel moisture and water, something that your ordinary boots are not designed for.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s the comfy cozy winter look for indoors or timeless classic outfits for winter outdoor parties and activities, you cannot go wrong with a few versatile pairs of snow boots. Each of the boots mentioned above in the list serves a different purpose. If you are someone who cannot make peace with a monotonous winter look with the same old pair of boots, you can definitely try these options for this winter season.

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